Ode to hearts broken…


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Oh, glorious glow that glides over water,
a wrinkle appears where tiny tears touch the surface.

Oh, wonderful crescent moon that watches over wounded souls,
the unbearable moaning of crushed spirits and lost dreams faintly in the distance.

Oh, mysterious willow tree that sadly bows its leaves for those who cannot hear,
the melody and rhythm of a song which a broken heart beats.

Oh, eternal flickering flame please don’t you ever die,
for love’s crooked smile is never ever a lie.


(May all broken hearts find that one true connection)

Rome Day 2 (04 September 2013)


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Day two of my Rome trip was warm, very very warm! Phew!

I started the day off by visiting a small antique market at ‘Mercato della Stampe’. It literally contained 9 booths with old junk. I would hardly call it an antique market, but oh well, it did direct me past ‘Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti’ the Spanish Steps and they were on my list for day 3 so I could tick that one off my list earlier than expected.



Because of the disappointment at the antique market I decided to have a nice stroll through the neighbourhood and met some of the local exotic species.




Very exotic pigeon right? ;)


My next stop was the Chiesa Basilica di San Clemente al Laterano and this became one of the most impressive things I saw during my trip! Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures inside the excavation area but I did take pictures of the outside of the Basilica, and sneakily took a couple inside the main Basilica.

You can find some pictures of the excavation area here though: http://www.basilicasanclemente.com/

What’s so special about this Basilica is that it basically consists of three tiers of buildings stretching over centuries. The lowest level is a house built somewhere in the 1st century, the middle level is a Basilica and a Mithraeum dating from the 4th century and the top level is the Basilica that is still used today dating from just before 1100. If you ever visit Rome, I highly recommend visiting San Clemente!


Slideshow San Clemente:

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After San Clemente I continued my way to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (Foro Romano). I ended up spending about 3,5 hours around the Forum and visited some of the major highlights such as the Basilica of Constantine, the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Venus and Roma, House of the Vestal Virgins, Stadium of Domus Augustiana at Palatino, etc.

The Colosseum:




Hi… jup, that’s me :)


Slideshow Colosseum:

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Foro Romano:

The route I walked is in purple.

The route I walked is in purple.





Colosseum seen from Foro Romano

Colosseum seen from Foro Romano


Basilica of Constatine

Basilica of Constatine


Foro Romano

Foro Romano

Foro Romano

Foro Romano

Basilica of Constantine

Basilica of Constantine


Slideshow Foro Romano:

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I was so tired after all of this I went back to the hotel to get changed and searched for a nice restaurant to have a pizza, and of course some ice-cream! :D


I’ll try to upload the rest of my trip asap!





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It’s a rainy and windy Autumn-day today and I know many of you don’t like them but once in a while I really do enjoy them!

I like to snuggle up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea, a good book and some relaxing music in the background.

I’ve been meaning to post day 2 of my Rome adventure but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been caught up in this book all day and barely managed to put it down to get something to eat.

I have been working on another post though so I thought I’ll surprise you with some windmill-magic instead. I’ve been taking a lot of windmill pictures again this spring and summer. I know I’ve done a similar post but oh well… what can I say, they do make a nice picture.

For those out there who are ‘stuck’ in the same weather as I am, lean back, relax and enjoy. There’s beauty in everything, and if you look closely especially in Autumn!




They’ve been working on this one all summer:


One of my favourites, took this one on a foggy spring morning:



So… now you know what it feels like to walk in my shoes, so to speak… :) Not really though, I don’t actually wear these ;)

Have a good evening (or day, depending on where you are)!



Rome Day 1 (03 September 2013)


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Heya blogosphere!

Besides my normal city-trips I try to do a capital-city-trip every year and after London (2011) and Paris (2012) I decided to visit Rome this year. I spent 4 days there and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to share my pictures and travel stories with you!

I have to admit that Rome was always one of the cities that never really was a priority to visit, I don’t know why, but it never really appealed to me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike it, and loved the architecture and historical sites, but maybe because there’s so much written and published about it I never thought seeing those things with my own eyes would make it more impressive somehow. Boy… was I wrong!!! In fact, I need to get back to Rome (and Italy for that matter) ASAP!

From all the cliché touristic sights to the lesser-known-ones I enjoyed each and every one of them! And there’s still so much more to see and discover, I really need to go back soon!

Best picture of the day: Inside St. Peter’s Basilica, Baldacchino di San Pietro by Bernini. It’s a beautiful baroque sculpted bronze canopy.

By: Somedaysoonart

By: Somedaysoonart

I started the day by visiting the Vatican Museum.


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At the end of the Vatican Museum the Sistine Chapel was waiting and I sneaked a little picture with my phone since it isn’t allowed to take photographs, I’m such a rebel ;)

By Somedaysoonart

By Somedaysoonart

After the Vatican museum I went to St. Peter’s Basilica and apparently I was very lucky because the next day, around the same time, the pope was giving his blessings and it would have been impossible to enter the basilica or walk around on the crowded square.


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I actually managed to capture St. Peter’s ghost, do you see him? Okay, it’s not really a ghost but a lucky shot with a weird light-source, but still pretty cool right? ;)

By Somedaysoonart

St. Peter’s ghost by Somedaysoonart

Silly me, I had been looking for St. Peter’s statue everywhere, not expecting it to be so small. I was never aware that I actually did see it and even took a shot of it, until I got home and went through my pictures. It’s not a really good picture because of this, but oh well, at least my camera saw it right? Apparently one foot is worn down because pilgrims used to kiss and touch it during their pilgrimages over the centuries.

Statue of St. Peter by Somedaysoonart

Statue of St. Peter

From St. Peter’s square I went to Castel Sant’Angelo / the Mausoleum of Hadrian.


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Shameless selfie, omnomnomnom :D


I had some well-earned rest after all of this excitement and had a nice cappuccino before continuing my way to Piazza Navona! I had my music-notes bracelet on and the waiter thought it’d only be fitting to serve me a music key cappuccino, how well thought out by him :)


Piazza Navona is a big square with three beautiful Baroque styled fountains and to me it kind of had the same feel as Paris’ Place du Tertre in Montmartre. I absolutely loved it and wished I had more time to spend there.


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Nearby Piazza Navona is the Pantheon and here too I somehow managed to stupidly overlook Raphael’s tomb and Umberto I’s tomb. I did find Vittorio Emanuele II’s tomb though, although that one was hard to miss :)But what an amazing piece of history this is, rebuilt about 126 AD!!! It was breathtaking simply because of how incredibly old it is and it felt magical to walk around.


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Last stop of the day was Trastevere where I enjoyed a pizza and an amazing home-made tiramisu, but not before quickly stopping at Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere. Again, wow! I did not expect to see such vibrant colours behind the somewhat dull looking front of the basilica. I was really impressed by its beauty.


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Soooo, to close off my ‘Rome Day 1 gallery’ here’s one more picture I really really like, hope you’ve enjoyed this and I will be posting day two soon!


by Somedaysoonart

Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere by Somedaysoonart

Hello wonderful winter – Goodbye beautiful Autumn!!!


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It’s been a while, sorry…. :(

I do want to share some of my autumn pictures with you! We had an absolutely fabulous autumn this year, I don’t remember the last time when the colours were this bright. We had a couple of days of heavy rain and storm, but I actually like that once in a while, but other than that the rest of autumn was gorgeous, sunny and warm.

So now it’s wintertime, this is my favourite season, but I don’t like it the way it is now, it’s too warm, no snow, no icy cold :( I hope it will come soon!

Hope you have a wonderful winter too wherever you are!

My autumn pics:

This one was my favourite of this series:

















Weirdly curled-up tree:



Hope you enjoyed this selection!



A lovely Autumn day at the beach.


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So Autumn is raging through the Netherlands at the moment with thunderstorms, hail, and rain showers. Most people hate this season and even though I understand why, I don’t. I love the change in scenery, the colours, the smell of rain on fresh fallen leafs and I love sitting on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea looking out of the window, watching nature’s story unfold.

I haven’t been to the forest yet, but I intend to do so soon so I can take some nice pictures of the fall colours. I did go to the beach today and even though the sky was grey the weather was actually pretty nice, chilly but not to cold, dry and sometimes even a bit sunny.

Here’s a compilation of the day, hope you enjoy!




Annemieke and Balou:

My Instagram website


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Hi guys! It’s been a while, I’m super sorry I’m not posting more regularly, it’s just… well, not much is happening at the moment.

I do have some really really good news! I graduated!! Yay me, I’m a Master of Arts now :) And the proof that I really did:

Other than that I do upload pictures on Instagram once in a while and since a couple of days they’ve finally got their web version up and running so now I can share my Instagram pics with you too. Just have a look, you might see some I’ve posted on my blog already but there’s loads of new ones too.

Here’s the link:

Somedaysoonart’s Instagram

So click, have a look and if you have Instagram yourself, follow :)

Have a good day!



Time flies… and then you hit the big 3-0!


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Wowwww, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth but I have been in a self-imposed exile. I only interrupted this for my 30th (yes, I hit the big 3-0…) birthday and a concert of my absolute no.1 band the Cure.

Both were unforgettable days! I spent my birthday with some of my closest friends in a tapas restaurant (Que Pasa in Zaandam, I highly recommend it, awesome food and super friendly staff!) and we had a great evening.

I had seen the Cure live 4 years ago when they played a 3,5!!! hour set. It felt like a 3,5 hour long dream and I wanted it to last forever. I cannot even begin to explain how much their music means to me and how much their music has helped me throughout the years. Especially during my journeys across Europe, I listened to them for hours. So seeing them live again was a treat! They played at a festival and were scheduled to play for about 1,5 hours. However, they started about 15 minutes early and finished almost 45 minutes late. Giving us a 2,5 hour set. I was over the moon! What a lovely break from stress that was!

So why have I been in exile? For the past month or so I have been working pretty much non-stop to finish my master thesis and as the deadline approaches my stress-level is rising. All I keep thinking is almost done, almost done, just a couple thousand more words :D

The problem is, I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I double check everything and doubt myself constantly. Another problem that occurred during my process of writing was having a supervisor that, let’s put this nicely, was not that much involved with my work… Furthermore, she gave me bad advise causing me to doubt my working-method altogether. Suddenly something I have been doing for the past 6 years was wrong. My style of writing was wrong, my approach was wrong and she basically asked me to change everything I had learned for the past years.

I took some time off, went to England (where I always feel at peace) to over-think everything and finally decided that I needed someone else to supervise me, someone who would help me instead of making me doubt myself. After some struggling I finally managed to get a different supervisor and I could continue my work. He was brilliant in getting me back on track and now it is finally almost done.

I’m really drained at the moment and it takes every bit of energy to keep going. Just one more week and I have to hand in my first draft. Fingers crossed it will be good enough and that I don’t have to edit too much!

Ahhh, just look at all those books! It drives me insane :D Fortunately I have my little penguin friend to keep me motivated.

Wish me luck right now, I could use all the positive energy you can send me!

Love M.

Fantasy Faces ~ Elf Fantasy Fair at Castle Haar ter Haarzuilen.


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These are the fantasy faces of Elf Fantasy Fair 2012 on Sunday!

I don’t even know where to begin when complimenting the people that were there last Sunday! Your costumes were awesome and I could clearly see that most spend months and months of time working on them. They were simply brilliant.

I took about 1000 pictures that day and over 800 were of people. I took most of them with my standard lens but I also used a zoom lens, I think this is wonderful because you can capture people without them knowing it and those mostly are the best pictures. So if you happen to come across your own picture please do not feel offended, you are here because I loved the way you looked! However, if you want me to take it down just let me know and I will.

Having that said, enjoy these beautiful creative fantasy creatures!

This couple was by far my favourite of the day!

Some adorable children:



Obviously I wasn’t the only photographer :D

And Finally Robin Hobb signing books:




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