The 2nd of January, a day of realisations, a day to reboot, a day to consider, a day when my little cousin came to the world 3 months too early, a day that makes me feel proud, a day of contradictions. A lot has happened to me on this day, sometimes it was devastating, sometimes wonderful, sometimes amazing and sometimes I just had a downright reality-check. I’ve never been too keen on New Year’s eve and all that. It somehow always ends up with me, sitting myself down on the 2nd of January and ponder. I guess this day is as good as any to start a blog.

I had to spend this New Years alone at home 😦 Pretty much because of bad planning, illnesses and a very sick kitty that kept me from being with my friends. She is okay now, happily purring at the moment actually 🙂
(Update 2nd January 2013: I spend this New Years surrounded by friends in Amstelveen and had a great night. Only minus was that my dear friend Annemieke was not with us to celebrate this night since she was in France and she was sorely missed!)
(Update 2nd January 2014: I’ve had a wonderful New Years! With my wonderful and very loving boyfriend. How bout that ey? 😀 )
(Update 2nd January 2015: the past year I had to say goodbye to my babygirl Tricky, she was very very ill and turned out to have a birth defect causing her kidneys to shut down. I miss her 😦 New year’s was fine, me and Nuno spend the night at home with wine and some good food, just the way I like it. We had invitations to go to some parties but preferred the calmth at home, getting old ey? 😉 )

So why this blog? I’d like to share my photography and travel stories, that’s the short version 🙂 But mostly I want to share my passion for discovering the world, showing the cliché places but also showing you the lesser known ones. I like to trigger interest in the places I’ve visited and get you curious about them. Give you inside tips and advice.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and please feel free to comment or ask me questions. You can also email me at: