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I wrote the original poem in December 2001. I have always had this weird fascination for the moon which I simply cannot explain. But this was kind of an homage to her. It is in Dutch and since I started to write in English a couple of years ago I decided to rewrite this poem. So here are both versions.

I made the painting in 1998 when I was 15 and it is titled “the fight for Day or Night”, just thought it was fitting for this poem 🙂

December 12, 2001.

Aanschouw het mysterieuze schijnen van mijn licht,
want voor mij alleen is het zonlicht gezwicht.
Met mijn miljoenen metgezellen om mij heen,
zij zullen jouw blik doen veranderen in steen.

Van mijn goudgele schittering raak je in mijn ban,
staren naar mijn lichtbundels is het enige wat je nog kan.
Alleen het komen van de ochtend maakt mijn schoonheid ongedaan,
want ik ben de moeder van de nacht.

Ik ben de maan.

April 24, 2011


Behold the mysterious glowing of my light,
for me alone the sun seized being bright.
With millions of companions around I am never alone,
just looking at me will turn your gaze into stone.

My yellow-gold shining will keep you under a spell,
you will be mesmerized by my radiance of wisdom, this I foretell.
Do not try to deny me, for only a fool,
will be able to resist me, and that would be cruel.

For rejecting my love, my glory and might,
will break my caring heart and blacken the night.
So accept me for who I am and embrace my light,
I will bring you happiness and joy in plain sight.

The arrival of the morning alone can erase my beauty,
but be assured, in the evening I will resume my duty.
As fast as the sun dies I reappear soon,
because I am the mother of the night.

I am the moon.