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One of my most favourite cities in the world is Paris. I love the atmosphere, I love the romance, I love the architecture and I love the art. I could wander around the Parisian streets for days and when I know I will be visiting I can actually feel butterflies in my stomach. For me there is no other city that can make me feel that way.

This first picture is one that I love a lot, it is actually one of those really extremely lucky shots. It was foggy and the only cam I had at hand was the one on my phone, which is pretty crappy. I was in a moving vehicle and took this lucky beauty. I did not use Photoshop or adapt it in any way because that would spoil the luck factor I guess.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Here are some more Eiffel Tower pics:

Arc de Triomphe:

Outside the Louvre:

And two Euro Disney shots:

More Paris pics will hopefully follow soon šŸ˜€