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I’m a weird type of photographer. I have such a broad interest that sometimes I don’t even know what I like most. But these pictures do reflect my main interests, which are patterns, close-ups and partials. I wish I owned a macro lens but I guess I need to save some more money for that. So these are taken with, again my phone cam, Canon Ixus 105 or my Canon Eos 550D (18-55mm, 55-200mm or 50mm lens). I’ll shortly try to explain what is what.

Maybe this is a good moment to tell you that I am an amateur photographer in the broadest sense. Half of the time I don’t even know what I am doing and simply follow my guts. I don’t know anything about the correct lighting or lens or positions. I just look at my subject and snap away. I am learning at the moment about the more technical stuff though, so who knows, you might see some improvement over time 😀

Smoke and a scary water tower and voila, I created a ghost 🙂 I did not edit or alter this pic with photoshop, it was just a lucky shot:

Details of a bridge:

I love candles, their colours, glow and warmth and I love capturing it with my cam:

So from candles to other light sources:

This is my chandelier:

Playing with light sources and lens movement:

Patterns and partials:

Wall of Love:

Selfridges, Birmingham, UK:

Water fun:

Close-up of a friend’s wedding dress:

Another close friend of mine got married this year too and I stole one of the pearls from her wedding bouquet. With that I created a small memory for her and these are some pics of that:

Summer flowers:

Street trash; after a night out, me and a friend found this piece of cardboard and thought it looked like a dog :D:

Okay, that’s it for now! Thanks again for having a look!