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Just a quick poem…


I’m wondering about this boy,
came into my life and brought me joy.
I’m thinking now about a girl,
she was my friend, she was my pearl.

This guy I knew, came back into my life.
Made me trust him, then stabbed my back with a knife.
And now my memories wander off to a faraway time,
a time I daresay, you were mine.

This woman then, she made me see,
all the possibilities that lay within me.
But when she left, she took that with.
Leaving me behind, believing it was all a myth.

An older man who came about.
Brought me wisdom, but left me with doubt.
I have learned a lesson, one of great impact.
Because in the end, there’s always a cold hard fact.

People leave, even those with good intends.
And even those that call themselves friends.