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I live in a small town named Koog aan de Zaan which is located on the west-side of river the Zaan. Along the riverbank the key features are the many factories combined with old Zaans’ houses. This industrial area is known for its cocoa-factories and the air often smells of chocolate. When friends visit the first thing they always notice is the chocolate scent but I am so used to this that I don’t even smell it anymore. I am addicted to chocolate though, maybe there is a connection there 😉 Since winter finally decided to pay us a visit last week and the river started to freeze over I thought it was time to have a stroll and take some pictures.

A lonely gull on the frozen river:

Pigeons shuffling on the ice:

The east-bank of the river:

I believe this is partly the Tate & Lyle factory and partly the Amylum factory. Not entirely sure though 🙂

The Beatrix-bridge that links the east and west-bank:

And finally the Kogerkerk. I am not a religious person, but I do love this church. It is small but it has a certain allure:

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