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So, I went through the pictures I took Friday and made a selection to show you. I still cannot believe how beautiful the nature right in my backyard can be. We do tend to take these things for granted. Living in a polder-landscape is so normal to me that I never stop and watch, just really look at the beauty mother nature placed right under my nose. I feel kinda ashamed of this. I remember talking to a waiter in a restaurant in Niagara Falls, Canada, and I asked him about what it is like to live right next to such a wonder of nature, he shrugged and said he never really thought about that. He was basically immune to the roar of the water and blind to the sight of it. I guess we all have that sometimes. But right now I would like to dare you to go out and take a look around. There is beauty everywhere!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my little backyard wonder πŸ˜‰


Lucky shot of a beautiful gull:

I love children on skates, they are so uninhibited and courageous. They just step on that ice and skate away, where I carefully set one skate on the ice, holding onto the landing stage and slowly shuffling onto the ice, nearly falling flat on my face and barely able to correct myself. No, strike that, reverse it, I cannot stand those kids πŸ˜‰

This boy actually didn’t fall. He was playing fish on dry land…

Don’t you just love those social gatherings on the ice πŸ˜›

An amazing sunset: