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As promised, here are some pics of my carnival experience in Bergen op Zoom. It was absolutely crazy but I had an awesome time.

I didn’t bring my SLR camera because I was afraid I would damage it so these pictures are taken with my phone. I still hope you enjoy them 🙂

This is the church (called de Peperbus) which they dress up for this special occasion. And I’ve heard it myself, he really talks 😀

During ‘kinder-vastenavend’ children’s carnival, the church got a new outfit:

Tradition in Bergen op Zoom is that people wear a red scarf with the knot tied in front around their neck and a curtain draped around their shoulders as a cape. They used to wear lamp-shades on their head but it’s more common now to wear hats completely covered with whatever you like to stick onto it.

This is the city hall and in front of it is a play specifically for the kids going on. I was too far away to really hear what was going on, but as I’ve been told it usually is about the prince who is missing and he magically appears at the end of the play.

And finally two of my friends being silly 😛