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I went on a road-trip through the United States a couple of years back and in the end I took about 2000+ pictures. This is a very fine selection of those and by far not even close to all the cities and states we’ve seen.

I started my trip in Oklahoma and I was actually a bit shocked at the reactions I got from Americans themselves, airport personnel, and customs officials. They were in disbelieve that my first trip to the States started in Oklahoma and most of them raised their eyebrows at this idea. Now I know it’s not the conventional way, but to be honest why should it be. And people, please tell me, what is wrong with Oklahoma!!??? We live in 2012 now, Oklahoma is just as civilized as any other state or city in the rest of the USA… In fact, it is probably one of the most beautiful states I’ve seen so far. And the people are all extremely friendly, more so than in other states I’ve visited.

Why did I start in Oklahoma? Easy, my friend and fellow road-tripper was on an exchange programme with the University of Oklahoma. And I feel so privileged to have seen Oklahoma first before all the ‘standard’ cities and states and for my next visit I will start and finish my road-trip again in Oklahoma.

Prairie dog, These little guys were so damn cute.

Look at that, I felt so free up there:


American Longhorn:

These were all taken in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge park. I highly recommend you to go there and have a look yourself, it’s breathtaking!

This next picture is the Gateway Arch or Gateway to the West in St. Louis, Missouri.

As you can see we also quickly popped over into Canada to see the great Niagara Falls.

On our way to New York state, took this with my really crappy phone cam but kinda like the effect it created:

Mural in Philadelphia:

Lake Erie:

And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland:

If I ever become rich I will buy a nice luxury apartment in Cleveland with a view over this wonderful lake. I really did fall in love with Cleveland, everything was perfect there. They have real summers, real winters (I love both, winter maybe a bit more) the climate is exactly the way I like it and the city itself is beautiful too. Friendly people, and of course the birthplace of Rock and Roll 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these!