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Springtime is coming and for me that means let’s go to the beach. It’s pretty quiet still (Dutch beaches are packed during summertime) and the sunsets are just gorgeous.


I love this picture because of the silhouettes of those people and the boat combined with the ray of sunlight that hits the sea:

This picture makes me giggle a bit because of this ‘beach-tale’ in my country. During the summertime we get a lot of German tourists and these tourists have this nasty habit of digging holes in our beaches. In fact, there are actually some warnings at certain beaches saying that it is forbidden to dig holes. After a day on the beach you can always tell where German tourists have been, right were you find these holes. The beach patrol got so annoyed at having to fill up these holes every day that they put up these signs.

This one was taken on Texel, one of the Dutch peninsula’s. The lighthouse is called Eierland (eggsland). I took it with my phone so the quality is not that great, but you can still see the beautiful sunset:

Ahhhh, cannot wait for spring!