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I paid a quick visit to my grandma today. She turned 84 on the 2nd of March. I’ve had somewhat of a tough time the past year and sometimes felt quite alone. It’s becoming more and more difficult to talk to my nanna because, as she gets older, her world is getting smaller and smaller. On top of that she hates seeing me this way and I really do not want her to worry about me. So I don’t tell her how I feel and I don’t tell her about how lonely I feel sometimes in all of this. But on days like today I cannot keep my mouth shut, I had to tell her some of my worries.

She hugged me and told me it’ll all be al right. I guess in the end that’s all I needed 🙂

So for this post I would like to honour my opoe (as I call her in Dutch).

This is my nan when she was about 15 years old with her younger brother Henk.

My nan married my granddad when she was 20 on May 19, 1948:

Me as a baby with my nan:

I took this picture of her last summer: