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When I wrote the post about my nan a couple of days ago I started to wonder whether she might have more of those old pictures. So when I went to see her on Friday I asked her about this and she gave me a shoebox filled with pictures dated from the 1900s to probably the 1950s.

Most of these pictures belonged to my great-grandmother. I made a fine selection of them and I sincerely hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!

This is a picture of my grandparents, Jacob (or as we knew him, Jaap) Fleur and Johanna Louize (or as we know her, Jopie) Fleur-Schellaars.

I think this picture is stunning and it is one of my favourite pictures of them. They look like they could have been famous movie-stars!

In this picture my grandparents were only just dating so my nan must be around 17 years old here:

These are my great-grandparents on their wedding-day, 31 May 1933. My great-grandma, Jans Mein, was my nan’s biological mother but my great-grandfather, Hendrik Willem Schellaars, was my nan’s adoptive father. However, from what I know he was a great father to my nan and treated her like his own. I never knew my great-grandma, she died only a few months after I was born. But I did know my great-grandfather and I always loved visiting him in Rotterdam. My favourite stuffed animal (a little monkey called Apie Joekie) was a gift from him and I still have it.

I think this is a great picture of my great-grandparents, somehow it kinda reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde.

This is Jans with her bike. She wasn’t a very pretty lady but my nan told me that she was a very warm and sweet woman. And apparently she had great hair 🙂

I think the great hair shows in this picture!

Hendrik Willem was stationed in the navy and this is him on a naval-ship in 1929 in Southampton, UK. He is the one one the left completely in white.

Naval-ship Southampton, UK:

My great-granddad in his sailor-suit on the left:

After spending time in the navy my great-grandfather became a bargeman. And this is him on (I believe) his first ship de Poeldijk:

Swimming in sea, my nan is the little girl on the left, my great-granddad in the middle and my great-grandma on the right:

My great-grandma in the front with a friend:

Hendrik Willem (right) with his friend Toon (left):

My nan as a child swimming in the river, my great-granddad is in the boat:

Jans doing laundry (I cannot believe she’s actually wearing clogs!!!):

My great-granddad’s second ship, the Aalsmeer:

My nan wasn’t sure but she thinks this is my great-grandmother’s brother with his son:

This one too:

This is my nan’s baby (half) brother Hendrik (Henk) Evert and one of his friends:

The following pictures I just picked out because I think they a great in one way or another, but with most of them me and my nan couldn’t identify who they were:

This is probably a niece on my granddad’s side and my nan thinks her name is Claartje Schaap. I think it’s a beautiful picture:

I think this one is brilliant! It makes me laugh 🙂 I really wish I knew who this was:

This is probably one of my great-grandmother’s friends:

These are my great-great-grandparents Belia de Groot and Hendrik Evert Schellaars, the are my great-grandfathers parents and my nan thinks this is their wedding-photo taken somewhere in the 1800s:

These are friends of my great-grandparents. I was a bit shocked because I thought this lady on the right was giving a Heil Hitler salute, but my nan assured me that this wasn’t the case, she was just waving in a oddly manner. Plus this picture was taken before the war. And as my nan said, they really couldn’t stand Nazis.

Friends of my great-grandparents:

This is Toon with his girlfriend:

On the back of this picture it says in handwriting: This is my brother Theo and Frans. No idea who they are though, maybe a brother of my great-grandmother?:

Two young boys sitting on the rooftop of a ship:

This must be one of the workers on my great-granddad’s ship. It’s wonderful picture!:

Not sure who this is either but on the back of this picture it says in handwriting: This is Henk, ugly isn’t it? Of the others have become nothing at all. Bye.
How weird is that?:

Men on a ship, my great-granddad is probably one of them but it is really hard to tell:

I think this is the harbour of Rotterdam, but I’m not sure:

This too, although I believe this is a much older picture, inscription on the back is hard to read but I think it says 14-5-64:

My great-granddad’s ship:

This too probably:

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this, it was such fun sitting down with my nan and going through these pictures. I believe it’s a very valuable collection, at least it is to me 🙂