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Last week I had a very vivid dream about my grandfather. He always used to play this mouth-organ for me which had a little slide on the side to make the tunes change. My dream was not so much about him (although I did enjoy seeing his face again) but mostly about that mouth-organ. I remember when I was a little girl I used to play with it, exhaling into it and inhaling through it as well because that would make a sound too. And with my tiny fingers I really had to press hard to make the slide pop in and out. I loved that mouth-organ and I love to listen to my grandfather playing on it. He was really good at it!

When he died I somehow only took his piccolo mouth-organ (which he didn’t play as often) and left that one with my grandma, probably because she was attached to it as well and because I was to young to realise it would mean a lot to me later in life. I always wondered what happened to it but always forgot to ask my grandma. But last week I did ask her where it was and she sadly reported that she threw it away years ago. It really broke my heart but I didn’t say anything to my grandma, just “oh”.

My nan came by the other day and she had a huge secretive smile on her face as she walked in. “I have a little surprise for you” she said. I immediately knew, she found it. And she did, she suddenly remembered that she didn’t throw it away but simply placed it somewhere else. It looked exactly the way I remembered and it brought up so many more lovely memories.

Strange thing that is, dreams. So often it is fiction or snippets of events, but sometimes it’s just a vivid memory of time past.



Together again, as they should be: