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Elf Fantasy Fair is one of the biggest fantasy festivals in Europe and even though I am a huge fantasy fan I never went. But this year I did (last Sunday) and I have to say, I am a fan! The location is amazing, the people were awesome and on top of that I scored a signature of one of my favourite authors, Robin Hobb who was there for lectures and signings.

Of course I brought my camera and I took about 1000 pictures (seriously, I did) and I decided to split the selection I made over three blog posts. This post I will use to show you the castle, surroundings and nature, because that was just breathtakingly beautiful! The second post I will use to show you some of the HDR pictures I took and the third post I will use to show you all the wonderful and unusual characters I managed to capture.

It was quite a strange day weather-wise, it went from rain to sun to hail to sun etc.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the scenery, I certainly did!