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These are the fantasy faces of Elf Fantasy Fair 2012 on Sunday!

I don’t even know where to begin when complimenting the people that were there last Sunday! Your costumes were awesome and I could clearly see that most spend months and months of time working on them. They were simply brilliant.

I took about 1000 pictures that day and over 800 were of people. I took most of them with my standard lens but I also used a zoom lens, I think this is wonderful because you can capture people without them knowing it and those mostly are the best pictures. So if you happen to come across your own picture please do not feel offended, you are here because I loved the way you looked! However, if you want me to take it down just let me know and I will.

Having that said, enjoy these beautiful creative fantasy creatures!

This couple was by far my favourite of the day!

Some adorable children:



Obviously I wasn’t the only photographer 😀

And Finally Robin Hobb signing books: