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It’s a rainy and windy Autumn-day today and I know many of you don’t like them but once in a while I really do enjoy them!

I like to snuggle up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea, a good book and some relaxing music in the background.

I’ve been meaning to post day 2 of my Rome adventure but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been caught up in this book all day and barely managed to put it down to get something to eat.

I have been working on another post though so I thought I’ll surprise you with some windmill-magic instead. I’ve been taking a lot of windmill pictures again this spring and summer. I know I’ve done a similar post but oh well… what can I say, they do make a nice picture.

For those out there who are ‘stuck’ in the same weather as I am, lean back, relax and enjoy. There’s beauty in everything, and if you look closely especially in Autumn!




They’ve been working on this one all summer:


One of my favourites, took this one on a foggy spring morning:



So… now you know what it feels like to walk in my shoes, so to speak… 🙂 Not really though, I don’t actually wear these 😉

Have a good evening (or day, depending on where you are)!